WikiPilipinas: A Guided Tour Of How A Wiki Works

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WikiPilipinas tours you through the basics and explains wiki in plain English.
This serves as your guide to the basics of wiki editing and contributing articles. Have fun!

Wiki 101
Guides you through
the basic parts of a wiki and
specifically WikiPilipinas.
Basic Editing
An introduction to
basic wiki editing.
Wiki How
A comprehensive tutorial
on how and why wikis work.


Tour 1
What is Wiki
What is WikiPilipinas
Editable Text
WikiPilipinas Home Page
Assume Good Faith
Any User's name
Personal Pages
Domain Pages
Navigation Menu


Tour 2
Edit Mode
Preview Mode
Show Changes Mode
Saving Edits
Create Your Account
Top Menu
Your Preferences
Wiki Syntax
Practice Page


Tour 3
Assume Good Faith
Link While You Think
Real People
Be a Builder
Talk Page Tips